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Why Continual Evaluation is Needed on the Mission Field

Updated: Apr 24

As missionaries dedicated to making disciples and expanding God's Kingdom, it is essential that we take intentional pauses to evaluate our work, team dynamics, and methods regularly. Setting aside time at least once a month to prayerfully assess these areas allows the Holy Spirit to guide and redirect our future efforts as needed.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut or become too comfortable with familiar routines, especially amidst the busyness and challenges of cross-cultural living and ministry work. However, we must be willing to courageously embrace change when necessary and remain open to the fresh guidance of the Spirit.

When evaluating your ministry, consider these foundational principles:

Foster a Strong Team Community

Make spending quality time with your core team members a priority. Building community doesn't mean everyone must agree on everything – healthy teams allow for diverse perspectives. Encourage an environment of mutual appreciation, where team members feel comfortable asking questions and challenging established methods. It will not only strengthen team dynamics but also provide young leaders with valuable insights into the decision-making process and rationale behind established practices.

Create a Safe Environment for Trying New Things

Maintain a culture where team members are free to take risks without fear of harsh consequences. Don't dictate your own ideas, but facilitate an open dialogue where everyone can contribute their perspectives, and move forward together flexibly.

Streamline, but Not at the Cost of Effectiveness

While keeping things as streamlined as possible is wise, don't over-simplify to the point where you're spending more time organizing than actually doing ministry work. Never let processes overshadow people – put the souls you're serving above programs.

Keep Mission, Values, and Priorities Centered

Consistently reinforce the driving mission, core values, and key priorities of your work. Mission governs your purpose, values drive your motivations, and priorities guide your time usage. Make sure these anchors remain clear guideposts.

Missionary teams often endure preventable strife due to disconnects between their efforts and the overarching goals of the ministry or church. As field workers, we must stay keenly aligned with the mission of those who sent us, leading our programs and initiatives to flow out of and reinforce that mission. If you're unsure of the mission driving your supporters, take the initiative to regain that vital clarity.

Regularly evaluating and realigning our time and focus is indispensable for fruitful, sustainable missionary work. Can you set aside one hour this month to prayerfully assess your ministry, team dynamics, and Kingdom priorities? Opening yourselves to the Spirit's realigning work may be a catalyst for even greater effectiveness and revival.

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