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A network of individuals serving the Great Commission to see the name of Jesus magnified in the nations. 

It's Time to Answer the Call

If God has called you to serve the Great Commission as your primary occupation, Prepare Ministries stands ready to propel you forward as an organization that offers:

  • Nonprofit status, enabling donors to give tax-deductible gifts.

  • An online platform for receiving and managing donations. 

  • Financial and Administrative support.

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Prepare Ministries partners with missionaries around the globe.


1. Complete the application process
2. Receive your custom giving page
3. Share your giving link
4. Build your partnership team

What Services Are Provided?

Tax-Deductible Giving: Receive tax-deductible donations through an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) organization. 
Robust Giving Software: Provide your donors with a quick, simple, and secure giving experience.  
Real-Time Donation Tracking: Log in anytime to view up-to-the-minute donation details and history. 
Customized Giving Links: Ministry workers have their own personal giving link that they can share in the partner development process.  
Gift Summaries: Receive an automated email digest every time you receive a gift.  
Partner-Covered Admin Fees: Give partners the option to cover administrative fees when setting up their giving --- currently, about 40% of partners choose this option.  
Quality Customer Service: We will notify your partners of any missed gift and/or issue with payment processing and provide each member of your partnership team with a giving statement at the end of each year. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  


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